Taking place in four major regions worldwide from September to November, the EXPO Elevate 2017 World Tour is the annual celebration for Jeunesse Corporate and Jeunesse Distributors to revel in the spirit of our joint accomplishments. This year’s event theme is: “Elevate,” aimed at elevating your business, connections and vision for 2018. So, what does this mean for you?

Elevate your business

EXPO8 is your chance to gain key business-building tactics, receive education to help you achieve your goals and get a big-picture view of Jeunesse.

With our focus on innovation, we will launch state-of-the-art marketing tools with a new look and feel that will impress your Customers.

Plus, you may witness Jeunesse history as we release new products that will change your business and open the doors to new Customers. By attending EXPO8, you have the chance to be the first to see, learn about and experience just-launched products.

Elevate your connections

We anticipate more than 50,000 total attendees and 150 Diamond Directors at EXPO8, the perfect place to unite with your teams, exchange success stories and tips and resolve to build a legacy.

You can grow your network with top leaders and surround yourself with people who will help you flourish as an entrepreneur. Making new connections is one of the top actions you can take toward success.

We’re looking forward to EXPO8 being the event where many new friendships and lasting memories are made.

Elevate your vision

Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis will share his strategic direction for Jeunesse, outlining how Jeunesse will lead innovation in 2018 in the direct selling industry and will be at the forefront of marketing trends.

Hearing from Scott will align you with the corporate vision, and you’ll depart EXPO8 with an informed, inspired plan of action for 2018.

This is your opportunity to come celebrate in a high-energy environment with endless entertainment, key speakers and business-changing experiences. Get your teams together, and join us for the elevating event that will transform you as an entrepreneur, broaden your network and set your vision for 2018.


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