It’s powerful. It’s life-changing. It’s EXPO8 … in beautiful Orlando, one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Here’s how you can get there, stay and experience it for free. Qualify for the North America travel promotion before Aug. 31, 2017, in one of three ways:

  1. Accumulate Travel Points
  2. Generate cycles and accumulate Travel Points
  3. Maintain your REAL† Director-level rank and accumulate Travel Points


With only two weeks left to earn this amazing opportunity for free event tickets, hotel reservations and airfare, it’s a great time to start planning how you can get freebies, as well as what you want to do in “The City Beautiful.”

What’s happening at EXPO8:

  • We’re giving away the luxury prizes you deserve. Imagine walking away from EXPO8 with a Mercedes-Benz in your name! And that’s not all! We’re giving away … more prizes that will be at your fingertips when you attend EXPO8.
  • We’re upgrading the event tab in Jmobile to elevate your experience to a new level. Check your inbox later this month for August’s EXPO8 newsletter, which will reveal some of the never-before-announced features that are coming to the app.
  • A new product will premiere at EXPO8, and we’re excited to see your face after it launches. We can’t wait to tell you all the ways it will benefit you and your business. Make sure you’re there to see it, feel it and get it first.

What to do in and around Orlando:
Grab a group of your new connections and team members, and explore this popular destination.

  • Theme parks: Strap in, and elevate your vision as you ride Orlando’s hottest roller coasters.

    SeaWorld’s new coaster Mako is the tallest and fastest in Orlando, soaring to a chilling height of more than 200 feet and reaching speeds of 73 mph.

    The brave of heart can also try Universal Orlando’s Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, zooming at 65 mph to an elevation of 167 feet, you’ll fly along 3,800 feet of track while listening to the song of your choice.

    If you’re game to go all the way to space, travel on Walt Disney World’s iconic Space Mountain. Interstellar travel is sure to make your trip a memorable one.

  • You can get a birds-eye view of the entire metro area on the famous Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, a 400-foot observation wheel with breathtaking views.
  • Did we mention space already? Head over to the Kennedy Space Center – just an hour’s drive east of Orlando – to visit NASA’s launch complex, astronaut hall of fame and historic spacecraft. Bonus: This attraction is near the beach. More specifically, it’s at Cape Canaveral, adjacent to the largely unspoiled and breathtaking Canaveral National Seashore. And who doesn’t want to go to the beach?

These amazing experiences are waiting for you at EXPO Elevate 2017 World Tour: Orlando. Take advantage of the North America promotion before it ends at 11:59 p.m. U.S. ET Aug. 31, and be the proud winner of free trip to EXPO8. We can’t wait to see you there!

*This promotion is only valid in the following countries: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. EXPO8 tickets won during this promotion are valid for entry Nov. 2-5 at the North America EXPO8 in Orlando. Member must be Active and in good standing with the Company to participate in the promotion. All tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable. All rooms based on double occupancy. Double occupancy winners may room with whomever they choose. Winners are responsible for making sure they have a current passport with an expiration date that is at least six months after trip end date and if necessary, a visa to enter the country/ies. No meals are included in this promotion.
**For North America Distributors, Travel Points are accumulated through event, promotions and sign-up packages purchased, and personally sponsored enrollees, during Qualification Months.
***Cycles are calculated on the first day of the month for the preceding month. †Your REAL rank is your highest rank earned.

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