By eating a small meal every three hours, your body is better able to lose weight, maintain energy and get a good night’s rest. We call this “PFC Every 3,” – meaning protein, fat and carbs every three hours – and it’s a vital part of our ZEN Project 8. But even a diet this simple can be challenging to maintain while traveling. With the EXPO Elevate 2017 World Tour kicking off, you may be wondering how you’re going to stay on track. We’re sharing some advice to help you maintain your healthy habits while having a blast at EXPO8.

Be ready, not sorry.

Most of our ZEN BODI products are wonderfully portable. When you pack your bags for the trip, make sure to take a bottle of ZEN Prime and ZEN Shape, and load up on ZEN Fit packets to help curb any desire for less healthy beverages while eating out. ZEN Fuze even comes in an easy to store bag that should fit easily in your luggage, so you never have to be without a fast and protein-rich meal on the go.

Watch what you eat

While at restaurants, check the menu for healthier dishes and be selective about how much you eat when your food arrives. You might even ask your waiter for a to-go box from the outset, so you can measure out a balanced portion of your meal and set aside the rest for later. Choose a time to stop by the grocery store and purchase some dine-in options. If you don’t have access to a refrigerator, curb your cravings with healthy snacks such as bagged carrots, nuts, fruit or hummus. Also, bring a serving of ZEN Fuze with you while you’re out, for a delicious protein shake to satisfy your hunger between larger meals.

Drink plenty of water

As always, drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated will help you continue to lose weight and stay energized. It will also keep your skin healthy, cause you to eat less and help you overcome jet lag — a symptom of junk-food cravings. In fact, water is a fantastic way to satisfy most unhealthy urges. And by adding a little ZEN fit to your drink, you can get a boost of nutrition with every ounce.

ZEN Project 8 is a simple and travel-ready system for becoming healthier and staying that way. We want you to get the most out of EXPO8, and we know that by using these tips and following PFC Every 3, you’ll have more energy and feel both healthier and younger. We look forward to seeing you there!

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